Telephone reservations with "operators standing by" for our spring comedy, SAME TIME NEXT YEAR will begin on Monday, April 24 from noon to 5 p.m. You may make a reservation online anytime prior to that date by clicking on the "reservations" link. You may also leave a message on the BCT phone line at any time with a reservation, and we will return your call with a confirmation.



The cast for our spring show, Same Time Next Year, includes:

Brandon Pederson as George

Bernice White as Doris


Michael Chase will direct the show.

Tom Young is the stage manager.


Beloit Civic Theatre has not raised ticket prices for almost ten years….and you know where this is going. Right now, if you are a senior citizen season ticket holder (and that is just over 90% of our audience) you are paying $16 for a season of three shows. In addition to that, season members are invited to the free appetizer and dessert buffet at our annual meeting in June. Not a bad deal for $16. In fact, area community theatres are charging much more than twice as much for admissions to their productions. How can we do it? Most other theatre groups either have a mortgage or they pay rent on a building they use for productions. We are very fortunate to have the support of the School District of Beloit, since we have used the Reinholz Theatre at the high school rent-free since it was built in 1952. We pride ourselves on the quality of our production elements, but unfortunately our costs have gone up over the last decade. The obvious costs of a production that the audience thinks about are the sets and costumes we need to create. Lumber, paint and fabric are not getting any cheaper.  Other costs involved in a production include the royalties and licensing costs, which the author receives in order to allow us to do a show.  We print and mail three newsletters and a season brochure each season. Our entire production staff and cast are made up of volunteers, with the exception of our director and stage manager who receive an honorarium.

Fortunately, our season ticket holders are a generous bunch of people.  Last summer, 345 of our 1009 season ticket holders added a “little extra” in the form of a donation when they sent in their ticket orders. That’s 34% of our membership. Without this extra support, we would have been asking for a raise much sooner than this.

We are proposing that our season membership for next season be raised from $16 a person to $20 a person for seniors 60+. If you are a non-senior, you have been paying $20, which we will be raising to $25 for the season. Of course we will still be graciously accepting any of the “extra” tax-deductible donations from our members.

Our individual “at the door” ticket prices of $8 and $10 will remain the same. Previously when you purchased a season ticket, you received one show for free. With the new price structure, it will still be cheaper to buy a season ticket. We thank you for your ongoing support over the years. Our audience size has been increasing each year, and we intend to keep providing entertainment worth much more than the price of the ticket. Thanks for your consideration.

We are always happy to receive cookie donations for our intermissions.  Contact Pat Hoye at 608-362-6879 if you are willing to bake for us. All donations from the intermission refreshments go toward our scholarship fund. In addition to our Board of Directors, the following volunteer bakers provided cookies for Moonlight and Magnolias: Pat Hall, Kathy Vogel, Sue Hess, Rita Costrini, Sandra Wittenbrink, Cynthia Salvador, Robin Stauffacher, Betty Ainger, and Judy Paddock.


BCT has fifteen members on its all-volunteer Board of Directors, each elected to a three-year term at the annual meeting.

President: Pat Hoye 

Vice President: Loren Sass 

Secretary: Doris Tropp

Treasurer: Les Blumreich and Rebecca Wallendal

Board Members:  Joyce Anderson, Donna Balsley, Mary Easland, Mike Fallon, Dee Fischer, Mary Mowers, Lisa Scholten, Susan Smith, Brad Thorp, Tom Young


Season brochures announcing our new season will be mailed in June. Beloit Civic Theatre’s annual meeting will be held Wednesday, June 7th at the Our Lady of the Assumption Church at 2222 Shopiere Road in Beloit.  Season members are invited for an evening of complimentary appetizers and desserts.  Our new season for 2017-18 will be announced, the student scholarship winners will be awarded, and a vote will be taken for five BCT Board of Directors members. Mark your calendars! Season members need to make a reservation. Please email the names of all the people in your group who plan to attend to:

You may also call the theatre at 608-362-1595 and leave a message. Make sure your message includes ALL the names of the people coming, as well as a phone number, so we can confirm your reservation. We will not have a sign-up “stuffer” in the program this spring, so you will need to either call or email before May 20th if you plan to attend the annual meeting.

Enquiring minds want to know:

In answer to queries concerning our recent production of Moonlight and Magnolias, here are answers from those “in the know.”

  1. No real banana peels were used in this production. Donna Balsley, Dee Fischer and Joyce Anderson painstakingly created the fake peels that were scattered around the set. They were created by cutting heavy yellow vinyl into strips and attaching them to a wooden dowel, which was the stub of the banana.  Then they painted brown spots and lines on each “banana.”

  2. The floor was covered with real peanuts, which meant that at the end of Act Two, the actors had to scrub the homemade “peanut butter” from the bottom of their shoes.

  3. The peanut shells were swept up every night and then “sifted” to retain some larger pieces for re-use. This held down the dust.  Every night, the faithful crew had to sweep the floor, then vacuum it, then wet-mop it for the next performance. Ah, the glamor of the theatre!

  4. Yes, all the slaps were “real.”


Gloria Steinmetz was honored at the BCT annual meeting on June 1 for being a season ticketholder for 72 years. Her parents gave her season tickets when she was 12 years old, and she has only missed a few shows in all those years.

If you are not on the Beloit Civic Theatre mailing list, please go to the “mailing list” page and enter your name and address so you will receive the newsletters and season brochures regularly.


Beloit Civic Theatre was recently featured on Wisconsin Real Estate, one of the top sites for Beloit real estate. Check out the article here: Theatre for Everyone.



Gift certificates for Beloit Civic Theatre are available, either for season memberships or for a single show. Call our office at (608) 362-1595  or
send an e-mail message to


Several audience members have commented on the Beloit Civic Theatre polo shirts that you see being worn by board members in the lobby.  If you want to own your very own BCT polo, they are available at Paragon Screen Printing at 1545 Prairie Avenue in Beloit.  Just stop in and Paula will be glad to assist you.  Prices range from $21 to $26 depending on style and size.

P.A.P.A.S. (Parent Advocates for the Performing Arts in Our Schools) is beginning a campaign to assist the school district's music department. We are particularly looking for used string instruments, but also will be able to accept band instruments. Because of school budget cuts, every year there are students who are turned away from participation on the orchestra because they cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument. The P.A.P.A.S. Board of Directors is asking the community to consider donating instruments for this purpose. Since P.A.P.A.S. is a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit corporation, you would receive a letter acknowledging your contribution for tax purposes. If you have questions, or an instrument you are willing to part with, please call Loren Sass, the P.A.P.A.S. treasurer, at 608-365-0235 or email him at

“ Just remember: It’s only Community Theatre until it offends someone...then, it’s ART!”

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