Telephone reservations with "operators standing by" for our spring show, A Red Plaid Shirt will begin on Monday, April 20th from noon to 5 p.m. You may make a reservation online anytime prior to that date by clicking on the "reservations" link. You may also leave a message on the BCT phone line at any time with a reservation, and we will return your call with a confirmation.



The cast for winter show, included:

Carol Roy as Aunt Ester

Pat Hoye as Evelyn Sutton

Ben Kreager as Avery Sutton

Sydney Winchester as Gillian Moore

Abe Vaughn as Stanford Sutton

Lisa Scholten as Nana


Loren Sass directed the show.

Mary Easland was the stage manager.

Some set-building photos:

Jackie Johnston applying yet another coat of paint to the wall units we constantly recycle into the creation of a new set.

Dawn Kabor is padding a valance for the window treatment of the living room.

Peter Tropp and Bob Streicher work on constructing a door frame for the front door of the family home.

Tom Young is creating a staircase that goes off to an imaginary "upstairs" in the set.


For many years, BCT rented three storage sheds in Rockton which we used to store our "hidden treasures" of props and furniture. Memorial High School Theatre also had two sheds at the same location. We have now joined forces and have moved all of our "stuff" into a large warehouse in Beloit owned by one of our BCT theatre-goers. The new place has lighting!  A group of about thirty volunteers, students and board members did the "big move" in July.  We are also in the process of moving our costume collection to the new location. We can now SEE what we have!

Last year, BCT was the recipient of a bequest of $21,700 from the estate of a long-time theatregoer. Air conditioning for our theatre had been a dream for BCT for many years.  With an additional gift of $18,300 from P.A.P.A.S. (Parent Advocates or the Performing Arts in Our Schools), we were able to present the School District of Beloit with a check for $40,000 for the installation of air conditioning. 

Making the presentation at a recent school board meeting were (left to right): Pat Hoye, BCT President; Jackie Jackson, founding board member of P.A.P.A.S.; Greg Wallendal, P.A.P.A.S. President and current theatre director at Beloit Memorial High School; and Loren Sass, P.A.P.A.S treasurer and BCT Vice-President.


We are always happy to receive cookie donations for our intermissions.  Contact Pat Hoye at 608-362-6879 if you are willing to bake for us. All donations from the intermission refreshments go toward our scholarship fund. A special thank you goes out to the bakers for our fall production of The Musical of Musicals, the Musical: Kathy Vogel, Mickey Lanphear, Penny Kennedy, Sally Pierick, Robin Stauffacher, Josie Peebles, Jan Vaccarello, Sandra Wittenbrink, Yvonne Adams, Judy Wightman, Kelly Washburn, Pat Hall and also our hard-working Board of Directors. We can also always use a hand with ushering (you get to see the show for free!)  For more information, see our website at or call the office at (608) 362-1595 and leave a message.  If you would like to volunteer as a set builder or painter, give Loren Sass a call at 608-201-3084, and he will share the schedule of workdays. Hope to see you at the theatre!



BCT has fifteen members on its all-volunteer Board of Directors, each elected to a three-year term at the annual meeting.

President: Pat Hoye 

Vice President: Loren Sass 

Secretary: Doris Tropp

Treasurers: Les Blumreich and Rebecca Wallendal

Board Members:  Elizabeth Armstrong, Donna Balsley, Deb Burns, Mary Easland, Mike Fallon, Dee Fischer, Mary Mowers, Lisa Scholten, Susan Smith, Tom Young


Gift certificates for Beloit Civic Theatre are available, either for season memberships or for a single show. Call our office at (608) 362-1595  or
send an e-mail message to

P.A.P.A.S. (Parent Advocates for the Performing Arts in Our Schools) is beginning a campaign to assist the school district's music department. We are particularly looking for used string instruments, but also will be able to accept band instruments. Because of school budget cuts, every year there are students who are turned away from participation on the orchestra because they cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument. The P.A.P.A.S. Board of Directors is asking the community to consider donating instruments for this purpose. Since P.A.P.A.S. is a 501(c) 3 charitable non-profit corporation, you would receive a letter acknowledging your contribution for tax purposes. If you have questions, or an instrument you are willing to part with, please call Loren Sass, the P.A.P.A.S. treasurer, at 608-365-0235 or email him at

“ Just remember: It’s only Community Theatre until it offends someone...then, it’s ART!”

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