Ticket Information

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Our regular season memberships are just $25 for one admission to all three of our shows. A season rate of $20 is offered to students and senior citizens aged 60 and over.

Our season ticket members select their specific show dates when they order their season tickets.  Your specific seat assignments and performance dates will be confirmed when you place your order.  It will not be necessary to call in for a seat reservation prior to each show if you are a season ticket holder. Please note that no season orders will be accepted past the September 1, 2022 deadline.

You may download a season ticket order form here. Season form 2022-23.pdf

If you would like additional information and have a season brochure mailed to you, please go to our mailing list page and send us an email.

Below are some “frequently asked questions” concerning our ticket policy.

  1. What do I need to do in June when the season brochure arrives in the mail? The first thing to do is get out your calendar and select a specific date and time when you want to see each of the three shows, and mark them on your calendar! Fill out the order form, write your check, and mail it in as soon as possible with a stamped self-addressed envelope.
  2. What if our group of friends always comes to the theatre together on the same night? Get together in June with your calendars and pick your dates.  Then fill out your individual order forms, write your checks, make a self-addressed stamped envelope for each person in the group, and mail it all in to the theater IN ONE LARGE ENVELOPE.  That way, we can seat you together.
  3. What if I get sick, or have a change in plans and can’t make my reserved date? Call the box office (608-362-1595) as soon as you know and leave a message. Or email beloitcivictheatre@gmail.com and give us a new date. We will confirm your new date and new seating. There is no extra charge for this service.
  4. What if I have a favorite seating area in the theatre? You will have the option of telling us exactly where you would like to sit.  We will be filling orders in the order in which they are received, so you may not get the exact seats you requested, but mailing the orders in early will help your chances.
  5. What kind of confirmation will I get? When we receive your order, we will fill out an individual seating card for all three shows and file them. We will also fill out a confirmation card and mail it back to you.  The card will indicate the number of seats you ordered, and the specific dates, times, and seating locations for all three shows.
  6. What will happen when I arrive at the theatre? Season members simply come up to the reservation table, give us your name, and we will give you the seating location stub for the ushers.  We will have a copy of your confirmation card in a file at the theatre, but you will not need to bring anything with you to the theatre. 
  7. What if I want to make an additinal donation to the theatre?  We are most appreciative of all of our members who make an additional financial contribution above and beyond the cost of their tickets.  These names will be listed in the program under the following headings: “Donations of up to $25” – “Donations of $25 to $99” – Donations of $100 or more”
  8. What if I want to bring a new friend to the show who is not a season member? As soon as you know how many extra seats you will need for a performance, give us a call or an email and we will add the individual seats to your order under your name.  Since all the seats around your original location may already have been filled, we will need to move you and your friend(s) to a new location in the theatre for that show.
  9. What if I am a “snow bird”? Remember that you get almost one show free when you order a season membership. So you have the option of selecting only fall and spring dates, and just not using your tickets for the winter show. Or you could select a winter date and give your tickets to a friend.
  10. What if I can’t possibly make up my mind about dates for the whole season in June? Another option will be to order your season membership without selecting dates.  You will receive a confirmation of your order, but will need to call in for seating during each production.  Be warned, however, that over ¾ of the seats will have already been filled by other season members and your seat selection will be limited if you choose this option.
  11. Is there a deadline?  September 1st of each year is the deadline for ordering season tickets. No season tickets will be sold after that date, so if you miss the deadline, you will need to call in for each show and pay the regular individual ticket price.  Without exception, no season tickets will be sold at the door.
  12. Will I need to call the theatre during performance weeks for seating? No season members will need to make that phone call and listen to the dreaded busy signal unless you need to reschedule which night you are attending! The box office phones will be open during performance weeks for individual ticket sales.  Your seats are CONFIRMED for the season if you are a season member and if you have made the reservations as recommended.
  13. What about handicapped accessibility? Because there is a ramp that comes from the exterior up to the lobby, there are no steps involved when attending a performance.  If you are in a wheelchair and need to remain in it during the performance, we can remove some of the upholstered chairs against the back wall and seat you and your party in that location.  If you have a walker, an usher can store it for you in the lobby or up against the front of the stage during the performance. There is a handicapped accessible restroom located in the lobby right behind the ticket table. You will need to indicate special needs when filling out your reservation form.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please call the box office and leave a message and we will call you back.  The Board of Directors hopes that these procedures will make the reservation process less cumbersome for everyone, and make your theatre-going experience more pleasant.

Additional levels of support:
We are grateful to our donors for sending along an additional financial contribution to support the theatre. Donors will be recognized in the theatre programs during the season. A tax deduction confirmation letter will be sent acknowledging your donation.

Program advertising:
Businesses may also consider advertising in the program with a variety of support levels. This may be a single line ad, a boxed ad, or a larger full display ad. Admissions to the shows are not included for program advertisers. If you would like a rate sheet, or have any questions about program advertising, contact Loren Sass at (608) 201-3084.

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