Student Opportunities

Beloit Civic Theatre will be awarding scholarships, in the amount of $500 each to graduating seniors wishing to further their education in the field of Performing Arts. These scholarships will be awarded to seniors in the Greater Beloit Area.

Listed below are the qualifications, instructions and procedures applicants are to follow in order to be considered. This scholarship is a one time opportunity for graduating seniors seeking financial assistance in their first year of post-secondary study.


  1. Applicant must have shown an active involvement in some form of the performing arts. Performing arts programs include music, theater (performance and technical), communications, and forensics.
  2. Applicant must be attending some school to study a form of theater arts, music, or communications.


  1. Complete the online BCT Scholarship Application form below. The applicant needs to provide information stating previous accomplishments, and future goals.
  2. The applicant must also provide a letter of recommendation from a principal or a teacher in the performing arts program. The application is not complete without this letter from the school principal or teacher.
  3. The recommendation letter should be sent to:
    Beloit Civic Theatre
    Attn: Scholarship Committee
    400 E. Grand Ave Suite 310
    Beloit, WI 53511
  4. The recommendation letter may also be scanned and emailed to
  5. Applications must be received on or before May 1st.

Application Deadline: May 1st

Helen Hayes Teed Scholarship Application

Name of parent(s) or guardian(s)(Required)
Name of parent(s) or guardian(s)
List the school activities in which you have participated.
List volunteer or public service activities in which you have been involved.

Scholarship Recipients

BCT raises funds for the scholarships with intermission refreshment donations.


Beloit Civc Theater Scholarship Winners 2023

Left to right:
Karl Graminske | South Beloit High School
Noah Ward | Turner High School
Kai Wong | Beloit Memorial High School


Reid Stadelman

Reid Stadelman

Beloit Memorial

Reid Stadelman will be attending DePaul University in Chicago with a major in technical theatre.

Josh Karstetter

Josh Karstetter

Clinton High School

Josh Karstetter will be attending UW-Platteville as a Music Education major.

Fran McKearn will be attending UW-Whitewater at Rock County to begin a major in Music Education.


Eric Funk

Eric Funk
Beloit Memorial H.S.


Covid Year


2019 Scholarship Winners

Left to right:

  • Forrest Haasl — Beloit Turner H.S.
  • Dayton Feldt — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Carly Behrens — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Makaylynn Meiers — Beloit Memorial H.S.


No Applicants


2017 Scholarship Winners

Left to right:

  • Joshua Wick — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Autumn Lloyd — Beloit Turner H.S.
  • Emma Corum — Beloit Memorial H.S.
    (not pictured)
  • Kennedy Maxwell — Beloit Turner H.S.


  • Frank McKearn — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Justin Beckington — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Brad Metz — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Haley Rosenthal — Beloit Turner H.S.


  • Katie Parsons — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Kolten Bell — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Emily Gianvecchio — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Emily Ahrens — Hononegah H.S.
  • Sydney Hunt — Jefferson H.S.


  • Allante Walker — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Aaron Crary — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Margo Dodson — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Julia Mendes — Hononegah H.S.


  • Sydney Winchester — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Cole McMillan — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Taylor Ramsey — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Alexander Taylor — Beloit Turner H.S.
  • Walker Lillard — Beloit Turner H.S.


  • Samantha Culver — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Molly Wilson — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Jesus Duran — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Kathleen Carnine — Hononegah H.S.


  • Alexandra Marks — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Gabrielle Miller — Beloit Turner H.S.
  • Demetrius Spindle — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Chad Bishop — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Katie Colletta — Hononegah H.S.
  • David Korab — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Austin Scholten — Hononegah H.S.


  • Tyler Jentoft-Johnson — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Ross Zentner — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Aaron Sitrick — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Nicolas King — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Kyle Blair — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Amanda Ruck — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Eric Stibbe — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Joseph McBride — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Mallie McCown — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Randi Gretschmann — Clinton H.S.


  • Callie Christofferson — Beloit Turner H.S.
  • Amy Froiland — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Matt Pickart — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Dara Showers — Beloit Memorial H.S.


  • Amanda Nattinger — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Danielle Olstead — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Emily Velde — Clinton H.S.


  • Alexis Hinkle — Beloit Memorial H.S.
  • Teresa Gracyalny — Clinton H.S.
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